“ESPN Insider” Fees: Marketing Gimmick or Yoda-Like Advice

When I woke up this morning to subject myself to another hour of torture before solidifying my Fantasy Football roster, I noticed that ESPN has a new advertisement. The phrase, “ESPN Insiders are 54% more likely to win their Fantasy Football league” appears every few seconds across my homepage. Now, naturally my attention was piqued because I was agonizing over whether Nate Washington or Brian Hartline would get the nod for my flex this week (I know they aren’t the greatest options, but in a PPR league and with players having byes they both work out). However, I noticed that to become an “ESPN Insider” you have to pay a monthly fee to access an assortment of blogs and “cheat sheets” that supposedly give everyone insider information that will give them an edge in their respected leagues.

I decided to pass on the advertisement. I noticed that this nominal fee only gets you access to blogs written by unknowns, and without some sort of credentials from these people, I would rather confer my own Fantasy Football Council that I get FREE access to. I have always subscribed to the theory that multiple heads are better than one, but I am not going to pay to have random heads feed me bunk, like to pick up Deion Branch (WR-NE) as a “sneak-up pick”, what encompasses “rumor central”, or listen to a guy named Kara tell me how he’s “getting cute” starting Andy Dalton over Tony Romo.

I believe that the best advice is to trust your gut instincts and to always put talent into your roster rather than a good match-up. Trust me, it seems like you would get the sameĀ  result.

Here’s to another week of The Abusement Park dominating!

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