Kansas City: The Land of Hypocrisy

I have to be honest, I may not be as classy as Ron Burgundy, but I look like Frank Sinatra compared to Kansas City Chiefs fans. I thought I was watching a Philadelphia Eagles game when I saw the crowd at Arrowhead Stadium actually cheering when Matt Cassel was motionless on the ground with a concussion. I understand that Cassel had already committed three turnovers in the game against the Ravens, and that he isn’t the new era’s Joe Montana, but that sort of disregard for your own quarterback is beyond despicable. Players from both teams, even the player who laid the hit on Cassel (Ngata, DE for Baltimore), commented to the media how sickening it was to hear the Kansas City crowds’ reaction.

I find this sort of behavior from the Kansas City fans ironic considering the fact that, recently, their main print medium (Kansas City Star) is boycotting the printing of the phrase “Washington Redskins”. The claim by the editor was that the term “Redskin” is an egregiously offensive term, and the term will not be used either in print or online. I do not want to enter the political correctness debate of using the term, but I find it comical that Kansas City can take such a moral high ground when these are the same people that encourage the most unsportsman-like play possible in the NFL.

Again, I do not want to start a PC war here, but I think that everyone can agree that any positive cache that was gained by the Kansas City Star has now been totally dismantled.

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