Russell Wilson: New Elite Quarterback

So far this season Russell Wilson has shown that he not only is ready to play on the NFL stage, but can lead his team past the elite teams and quarterbacks when the spotlight is on. Now, most analysts would compare his stats to RGIII and say that Wilson takes a back seat to Griffin. However, this Wisconsinite would make the argument that Wilson has had much more value to the Seahawks than Griffin has had for the Redskins.

Despite Wilson only throwing for 1,108 yards and 8 touchdowns, Russell has lead drives and made throws that have propelled his team past the likes of Cam Newton’s Panthers, Tom Brady’s Patriots, Aaron Rodgers’ Packers, and Tony Romo’s Cowboys. I understand that the wins over the Packers, Patriots, and Cowboys came at home, but for a rookie to have the poise and wherewithal to lead game-winning drives against teams of that caliber is beyond impressive.

I believe that some throwing statistics, like total passing yards, are highly overrated, and no quarterback should be judged on that alone. Perfect example of this is Brandon Weeden of the Cleveland Browns because he is on pace to surpass Cam Newton’s rookie passing yards, but his team sits at 1-5 while Wilson’s Seahawks are 4-2. With that example, it is clear that Wilson has had a greater impact for his team than any other rookie quarterback so far this season, despite the numbers that other rookies like RGIII and Weeden are putting up.

Historically the NFL measures a quarterback’s true greatness, not by the numbers he puts up, but by his grit and ability to win big games. Case in point, Joe Namath. No one can dispute that Wilson, thus far, has that determination and skill that can lead him to have a tremendous career. He has already lead his team to big wins, and I believe he will continue to do so throughout the season. He might not have the numbers that a Drew Brees or a Tom Brady would put up, but he has the leadership skills, like Alex Smith of the 49ers, to make things happen for his team. To me, that defines elite.

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